Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I've tried starting a blog at least three other times before.  In each case, I got two or three posts in, and life started getting in the way...or I was blogging about a topic that wasn't really a passion, I it didn't seem worth making the time for it.

The trouble is, I really like to write, and I really like to see things I write in print (or electrons)...but I have a busy life too!

I'd like to think that this time, it's going to stick.  Maybe blogging is like so many other worthwhile activities: you have to discipline yourself to do it at first, and then you come to love it, and finally you're addicted to doing it and can't help yourself.  Well, if that's the case, this time it might actually stick for me.  I'm teaching a course in integrating technology into classroom practice.  It's primarily designed for Christian teachers--whether in Christian schools or public schools--with the broad goal of enhancing learning with technology.  (That's the title of the course, in fact.)  Anyway, one of the assignments for my students/co-learners in the course is to create a blog as part of a series of assignments, so I'm going to blog along with them.  And by this regular practice, maybe it'll stick.

What will I write about? Well...I'm a teacher at heart, so most of what I write will probably be education-flavored. Much of the writing I've had published thus far has been about:
  • Striving to be a "distinctively Christian" teacher,
  • Faith-formation in Christian schools,
  • Integrating technology into classroom practice, or
  • Science education
so those are likely topics of interest. Since I'm starting this off with the educational technology course I'm teaching this summer, there will likely be a lot of that sort of stuff, at least at the beginning. Anyway, thanks for reading, and always feel free to comment, okay?


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