Monday, June 11, 2012


 I'm teaching a couple of classes this summer in Dordt's M.Ed. program, which I've done before and always found to be a blessing--I think I learn as much by teaching the courses as they students do by participating!  One of the courses is called "Enhancing Learning with Technology." (Isn't that a loaded title?) :-)  In this course, we're really going to examine how technology affects learning--for good or ill--and try to capitalize on the "good" while we minimize the "ill" in our respective teaching practices.

To (hopefully) foster some stimulating discussion about this, I've assigned the class to read Technopoly
by Neil Postman.  I first read the book during my own M.Ed. work--probably around 2004--and I'll confess that it really shaped how I think about the ways in which technology influences culture, and not always for good.  The book is clearly about a lot more than just education, but I think it has a lot to say about the way we consider why we are using technology in our classrooms.

Anyway, to anyone else (outside of our class) who might be reading this, hopefully this background gives a little insight into next few posts.  As a class, we're going to be chewing over some of the issues raised by Postman, and how authentically Christian teachers might respond.  Happy reading!

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