Monday, October 29, 2012

Emails to the Future!

This is such a neat idea: Send your future self email!

You can do it for free using Give them an email address (spam-free!) and type your future-self an email. Specify the delivery date, and hit send. They'll send you a confirmation email to be sure you typed your address correctly, and then it's hidden until the future.

I'm thinking this could be pretty cool if you would have your students (assuming they have their own school email account) send their future selves an email during the first week of the school year, to have it delivered in the last week of school. Or at the beginning of middle school to be delivered at the end of middle school. Or to yourself, so you'd get an encouraging email from your past self delivered right in the middle of parent-teacher conference week...

Caveat: you'd obviously want to use an email account that will be there in a year or two or that you'll actually get the mail you send...


  1. Great idea! Will try to incorporate this into our iPad implementation in our Middle school; perhaps getting our students to reflect back after 3 years with technology in their hands.

  2. This is a great idea! My 6th grade advisory students write a "letter" to themselves then at the end of 8th grade I give it back to them. Email is so much better! More tech and modern. My students barely know what a "letter" is.

    1. I sometimes wonder if middle schoolers today even know what email is! :-) Thanks for the feedback, my friend.