Monday, August 19, 2013

You Can Fix Your Computer!

I used to serve as a Technology Coordinator in a K-8 school. I loved it. And...I hated it.

I loved helping people integrate technology into their teaching practice in a way that really helped kids learn.

I hated fixing problems that people could have definitely solved themselves.

I wish I had this sign back then:

Original image here.


  1. Okay, "hate" might be a strong word. Mostly I loved it. But there were days... :-)

  2. :-) Did that just today.

  3. Ok, I get it - I would have hated your job. :) From the layperson perspective though, I want to know WHY this works. It makes no sense! It's like... turning off and on your car to fix a flat tire, or putting a shirt back on the hanger to put the button back or or get the wrinkles out. It doesn't make everyday sense so no (regular) person thinks to do it. Weird. :)

    1. I know what you mean, Sherri. In a nutshell, most computer problems are a result of bad data. The restart clears the memory storing the bad data, and voilĂ ! Problem solved! (Ah, technology...) :-)