Monday, June 2, 2014

The Colossian Force: A Theory of Everything

I first applied to serve as an adjunct instructor teaching science methods at Dordt College back in 2006. I remember that after my interview with the Provost, I was strolling through the Campus Center, admiring some of the artwork on the walls. There was one interesting sculpture hanging on the wall that really caught my attention—bright colors and shapes leaping out at odd angles. I was curious, so I walked over for a closer look.

On the card next to the sculpture there was a note explaining the artist’s inspiration. He had been talking to a scientist who is looking for a “Theory of Everything.” (Maybe you’ve heard of such theories? Basically, the idea is that scientists would love to find one set of laws and equations that will elegantly explain all the forces and energy in the whole universe—gravity, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism…everything!) In the artist’s statement, he notes that the scientist mentioned a “Colossian force” as a possible Theory of Everything. The artist noted Colossians 1:16, 17 as a source for the idea of this “Colossian force.”

I was curious, so I looked it up. Here’s what it says: “For by him, [that is, Jesus Christ,] all things were created; things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible…and in him all things hold together.” Wow, right? This is the ultimate Theory of Everything!

God surely has created an amazing universe. And the thing that really gets me is this: it all works together all the time! God’s designs are so much greater than we can possibly imagine! This is one of the reasons I love to teach science, and I love to study Creation myself: the more we study and learn about the world God created, the more we can be awestruck at the incredible power and amazing care He has. Thanks be to God!


  1. Well put, and an undeniable Truth!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Richard!

  2. Dave,
    Do you know the author's name? Thanks

  3. I was so surprised to see your blog when I searched for the Colossian force because your theme is mine on my newly begun blog. I wrote a book and filled out the Amazon author page and it suggested a blog. I have been 'spouting' since March and now I plan on suggesting this place since it is for certain you are more qualified on many subjects than I. Thank you for doing this.