Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Nine Administrators You Might Know

It's that time of year again...when my thoughts start turning toward the new school year, but I'm still scrambling to make the most of the summertime I have left with my family. My son and I were talking Lego at lunch, and he said, "Remember those crazy superhero teacher and superhero student teams we made last year?" (Oh, yes I do son...)

And then he said, "We should make another one."

So I said, "How about principals?"

A knowing smile spread across his face...

And thus, we present to you, the nine administrators you might know:

The Genie

Amazing things happen when this administrator is around. Seems to conjure up the best out of everyone. Able to foster a magical culture of learning throughout the school. The downside? Some teachers might come to expect that rubbing a lamp will solve all their problems...
The Reaper

The term "disciplinarian" pales in comparison. No one wants to visit this principal's office. NO ONE. 

A powerful, mystical energy field seems to surround this administrator. Easy to underestimate, but this admin may surprise you with power cloaked in an unassuming form. Always has a sage word of advice for the younglings...and the padawans...and even other masters.
PandaMan (The Mascot)

"Whose school is the best? WHOSE SCHOOL IS THE BEST?? OUR school is the best! YEAH! You know it! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"
RoboAdmin 2600

"...embrace brain-compatible alignment through the use of centers...enable multidimensional relationships within the core curriculum...accountability...data-driven...higher standards..." Almost seems designed to help you win at buzzword bingo.
(Thanks to ScienceGeek Education Jargon Generator...)

Slowly shuffles down the halls...the villagers, er...students run in terror...

The Guardian Angel

This administrator is always on the lookout for problems and comes swooping in to save the day even before the teacher/student/parent/board member/custodian/lunch lady/bus driver/any-other-person-connected-with-the-school knows it's a problem.
The Amphibian

An administrator! A teacher! It's the best of both worlds! Or maybe...so busy...this one is just...swamped...
The Mannequin

That administrator who works so effectively from behind the desk that no one ever need see this person in flesh. Are the lights even on in the office? Hmmm...might just as well be replaced by a plastic figure.

What do you think? Did we forget any administrators you know?

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