Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ending Up Where I Need to Be

I recently saw this quote on Twitter. It's a good one from science fiction writer, Douglas Adams:

This resonated with me. The quote comes from Adams' book, The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul. (I'll warn you off of reading it, unless you like quirky, British sci-fi.)

This captures my current state as a professor pretty neatly.

When I began my career as a professional educator almost 20 years ago, I never had any ambitions of teaching in higher education.

When I began teaching middle school science, I never thought I would eventually teach teachers how to teach science.

When I was serving as Technology Coordinator, I never planned to teach professional teachers across North America and around the world about technology integration.

When I was conducting my Master's studies, I never expected to go on to study at the doctoral level.

When I became a full-time college instructor, I did not fully realize what it means to be a professor, and how it is different than being a middle school teacher.

But I think I have ended up where I needed to be.

I feel that all of my professional and academic experiences up to this point have challenged me and shaped me and nudged me in different ways to be prepared for the work I am doing now.

I am amazed, and grateful, and a little overwhelmed to find myself as the "expert" role I am expected to fill as a professor. If anything, my journey to this point has continually shown me that I have so much more to learn, more places to grow, more things to explore. I'm not at the end here; I'm still on the journey.

But the place I am right now? I think I've ended up where I need to be.