Monday, September 24, 2012

Two Cool Tech Tools

Two great tools I have to share...'cuz they're too fun to keep to myself!

The first is called DoppleMe. Sort of a silly little tool here: basically it lets you create an cartoon avatar that you can use for all kinds of websites. You have to create an account if you want to have full access, but even the free tool will let you create an avatar that might almost look like you. (Or anyone else, for that matter.) Here's one I made of myself...almost looks like me!

Kinda cute, right?

Now for the really spiffy one...Blabberize. Here's the idea: upload a picture, and the site will create a video from it by capturing audio and automatically making the mouth move along with the sound. Here's a blabber I made (using my cute little avatar, of course) to illustrate:

Hilarious, right?

You can create several clips and string them together, so you could have multiple characters (from different photos?) go back and forth with a conversation. You can also make multiple mouths that will work in tandem--a whole choir, if you want. You can either upload audio, or record it right from the microphone on your computer.

Would you use these with your kids? If so, how?


  1. I really want to try this out with my class...i wonder how I could swing it?

    1. DoppleMe would be really easy to do in a computer lab--they don't even need to sign up for an account, but you get more options for changing the face, hair, clothes, etc. if you do. (That's how I got to add a guitar to my avatar too.)

      Blabberize might be trickier in a computer lab setting, just because it would pick up so much background noise. I wonder about setting up a "recording booth" with just one computer in it that they could work on individually or as a small group?