Monday, March 18, 2013

School and Life

I saw this online today, and it got me...

Tried to find a source for this one. Found it here, herehere, and here.
I wish people would make it easier to give proper credit for great images.
With thanks to @delta_dc for sharing it via Twitter.

What do you think?


Or Fiction?

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  1. My classroom looks more like the 2nd picture. But that might merely be a reflection of the coordination skills of my Kindergarteners. :)

  2. Yes! Nothing happens in isolation in life, but we segment in school.

    1. Right! But I'm still wondering about that practical application of that...I wonder if we can make school more closely resemble "real life" if we would use more conceptual, thematic teaching? It would probably require a pretty dramatic overhaul of the traditional subject-discipline based structure that most schools currently have in place.

    2. But disciplines/subjects are a systematic way to help see and interpret the second picture.

    3. That's true, David, and I agree with you. But I think--in general--we don't do a good enough job in education (at all levels) to help students see the connections between the disciplines. I wish it could be a both-and, not an either-or proposition.